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Bubble Bound Game Editor

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March 29th, 2010
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During the development of the first Bubble Bound, in late 2008, I found it difficult to create complex worlds through code alone or through external editors. Therefore, in order to stay productive and agile, I decided I needed to build an in game editor for any future projects. When development on Bubble Bound 2 began, I started to work asynchronously on an in-game editor.


  • Add/Select/Delete/Move/Rotate/Scale: points, edges, faces, springs (mesh editor)
  • Add/Clone/Select/Delete/Move/Rotate/Scale: billboards, models, physics objects (object editor)
  • Snap to grid and/or slow down movement for more precise actions
  • Move/Rotate/Scale on a single axis
  • Change/Update game object properties such as: name, alpha transparency, behavior, spring tensions, forces…etc
  • Export/Import game objects to XML
  • Seamless integration (compile in “Debug” mode -> includes the editor, compile in “Release” mode -> editor is not included)
  • Change view angle and position by hovering near the edge or scrolling with the mouse

Project Inspiration

I really like the user interface Blender has as well as its control scheme. Most of the controls are similar or the same as what they are in blender. In fact, the editor has a mesh editing mode and an object editing mode just like blender does. I also drew a lot of inspiration from the Aquaria and Overgrowth map editors.


The following video shows some of the things that can be done with the editor (note: the user interface around the game window is not captured).