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Bubble Bound 2

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March 31st, 2010
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Update: You may also be interested in the in-game editor for bubble bound 2.

Game Description

Similar to the original, Bubble Bound 2 is a casual underwater game where the player takes control of a small underwater bubble. However, by collecting bubbles from the surrounding environment, the player does not change their buoyancy, instead the camera zooms out relieving a new scale of the universe around the character. Each time the player grows, the player will be able to make more sense of their surroundings. Things that used to be giant red walls turn into starfish. Of course, as the player grows in size, new enemies make it increasingly more difficult to collect bubbles. If the player is not careful they can lose some of their air which causes them to shrink.

New Features

The original game was very open, with little to no walls to interact with. That all changed with the introduction of the in-game editor. The player will need to find their way out of mazes of caves while avoiding any sharp corners. Ocean currents can make this more difficult for the player as they push the player and anything else that may swim into them. Also, the player will be able to pick up new abilities along the way (such as speed boost, traps, and protective layers). And finally, the game runs fully on the Xbox360.


The game uses a completely new physics engine which was written from the ground up for bubble bound. It is far more stable than the one used in the original and allows more bubbles to be simulated than before. Also, the physics engine has been completely decoupled from the rendering code, allowing it to run on an entirely different processor core.

In-Game Editor

The in-game editor allows bubble bound 2 to have much more complex environments and enemies. Any concave shape can be physically simulated and flaws can be fixed within seconds. The editor truly allows the game maps to come alive.

Screen Shots

The following screen shots show gameplay from the alpha release of the game.

BubbleBound 2010-04-03 00-54-56-25BubbleBound 2010-04-03 00-52-28-77BubbleBound 2010-04-03 00-51-49-61BubbleBound 2010-04-03 00-55-14-20BubbleBound 2010-04-03 00-59-08-46BubbleBound 2010-04-03 00-59-16-40BubbleBound 2010-04-03 01-03-33-26BubbleBound 2010-04-03 01-03-14-86


The following video shows gameplay from the alpha release of the game.