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Bubble Bound

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December 29th, 2008
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Update: You may also be interested in bubble bound 2, which was developed 2 years after the original.

Game Description

Bubble Bound is a casual underwater game where the player takes control of a small underwater bubble. By collecting bubbles from the surrounding environment, the player can change their buoyancy, causing the bubble to rise. However, each time the player rises, new enemies and obstacles make it increasingly more difficult to collect bubbles. If the player is not careful they can lose some of their air which causes them to sink down.

Project Requirements

Bubble Bound was developed for an undergraduate game design course offered at the University of Toronto. We were asked to develop a game which would appeal to casual gamers and more specifically female audiences.

Game Controls

The game implements a unique control system which allows the player to use either a bluetooth enabled Wii Fit board or a Xbox 360 game pad at any time depending on personal preference.

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The game uses a highly customized polygon based point mass physics engine extended from walaber’s Jello Car physics library. We started by using the physics library, with some small modifications, but we quickly realized that the Jello engine fell short for many of our needs. We needed an engine which could handle dynamic body/bubble merging and splitting in a multi-layered world. Therefore, a lot of modifications were required.